Plimpi New Games

Few weeks ago, a new game portal was opened. Its name is Plimpi and today I will tell you a little bit about it. So first of all, as you know – there are thousends of other game portals and websites online. So, is Plimpi special? the answer is simple – yes. It is the best gaming website online, and the reason for that is the quality of the games you can find on it.

On Plimpi, you won’t find thousends of games (like some websites offer), but a small selection (few hundreds) of the best games online. Each one of these games – is super fun and addicting. I personally visited hundreds of gaming portals online, and one thing bothered me each time. I started playing games, only to discover they are super boring. These websites post so many bad games, just so they can say – “look how many games we offer !”.  Plimpi on the other hand, only offers high quality games that you will really enjoy playing.


Also, it is important to mention that Plimpi is very easy to use. The design is simple, yet cool. You can find your favorite games with just few clicks. Forget about huge banners ads and popups. Plimpi is user friendly, and trust me – you will really enjoy using the website :

There are many game categories – Adventure, Action, Shooting, Racing, Girls and more. Choose a game category that you like, and start playing the best games. I played many of the games on Plimpi, and I yet found one that I can say was boring. The games are super fun, and contain many levels. The game icons/ banners look really nice as well. Thanks to them, you can understand what each game is about, so you don’t waste your time loading and playing games that you don’t normally enjoy.


Since the website updates on weekly basis, I highly recommend saving it as a bookmark, and visiting it again in the future. You can also use the contact form if you want the website webmaster to add specif games that you like. I personalty sent them few recommendations, and the next day – the games were already posted. I am sure that in the future, new features and games will be added to the website.