Play Fancy Pants Adventure

Do you like flash games and if so what genre is your favorite one?  It you are a fan of puzzle, arcade and platform games with a funny theme and nice graphics and audio then we might have a special suggestion for you today. Why not play Fancy Pants Adventure series?  It is a series of several games that are very fun to play and that will certainly give you a fair challenge. Maybe you will be able to beat them, but it is unlikely that you will find all the trophies in your first attempt.

The game mechanics are quite simple and the controls are very easy to master. When I first decided to play Fancy Pants Adventure I really didn’t have high expectations of the game nor did I expect to see anything spectacular.



However, the game turned out to be a work of genius and I was really impressed by the whole thing. The graphics were so cool and the soundtracks were just purely amazing! I never got around to finding all of the hidden trophies but I really enjoy free running and jumping across all those different platforms. If you like these sorts of games then play Fancy Pants Adventure and trust me that you will have a great time! Have fun!