Fancy Pants Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most successful indie games that ever came out. Using blocks you can build different stuff and complete interesting tasks and goals. Recently I came across a player that built “fancy pants” levels, using those Miniecraft blocks.  Here it is :

The video is pretty long – about 25 minutes, but it is very interesting and I recommend watching it to the end. It is also pretty funny, and this is one of the reasons it received over 500,000 views in a fairly short period of time.

If you already have a Minecraft user, take the challenge and try to build similar fancy pants levels. It won’t be easy, but using the right blocks – it is defiantly possible.

Feel free to send us videos of your Minefraft – Fancy Pants creations and we will post them here. In case you don’t have a Minecraft user – I defiantly recommend buying this game. It is so fun ! The game came out years ago, and became really popular in just few weeks. It is not very expensive by the way. From to time there are special promotions that allow new users to buy the game for really low prices.

fancy pants

Before trying to build anything – play fancy pants 3 and make sure you are familiar with all the levels.