Fancy Pants 3

Do you like adventure flash games that have a little bit of everything in them? If so, then I suggest you play Fancy Pants 3, a great game made in flash that has won the hearts of many gamers across the globe. It is a brilliant platformer game that has elements of adventure, puzzle and action genres cleverly implemented into the whole game style. However, what really makes it unique is the entire environment in which the game is placed as well as the great graphics and soundtracks that you will experience through the world.

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Fancy Pants 3 Gameplay

The gameplay is absolutely brilliant and I have enjoyed it very much and I had to play the game two times in order to find all the secrets and complete all the side quests.

It is very addicting but also very relaxed and will not cause you to feel any stress while working on it. It is simple and unique and that is what I love about it!

In the third installment of the game you will have to help the kind of the land and defeat a dangerous group of pirates. Although it sounds like quite a normal plotline, it is actually very silly and you will see just how humorous the game can become. The humor is very silly as well which means that this game is something that can be enjoyed by little children as well as there is no profanity, violence or gore.

In order to beat your enemies you will have to travel across the land and complete a series of jumping puzzles and reach high platforms to collect powerful items and coins. At the start of the game you will get a very useful tutorial on how to play Fancy Pants 2 and which controls you can use which means that never players will get a chance to blend in right away.You can use the arrow keys to move your character around and S key to jump. There are a lot of combined moves that you can create and they involve sliding, wall jumping, rolling and much more! It is very fun and if you like free running and jumping on high platforms then this will certainly be a fun game to play!

Visual and Audio Effects

When we talk about Fancy Pants Adventure series the amazing soundtracks are something that cannot be denied by anyone! They very good and dynamic and will start playing at just the right time in order to make a certain scene more dramatic, funny or just laid back and relaxed. In many ways the game can remind us of the original Super Mario games, expect that you have far more movement options and tricks that you can pull off. It is amazing that the graphics always stay smooth as you progress and they do not lag or glitch out. When I decided to play Fancy Pants 3 this is exactly what I expected and I must say that some of the new graphics and styles were a pleasant surprise for me and that I did not expect them to be so smooth and dynamic.

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Fancy Pants Adventure 3

In conclusion, the third game in this brilliant series was able to provide me with hours of fun and I must say that I was not disappointed by it. If you want to play Fancy Pants 3 I still recommend that you play the previous games before in case that you haven’t already. Happy gaming!