Fancy Pants 3 Game

Have you ever heard of the Fancy Pants Adventure series? Back when it started critics were very diverse about it and although many liked it, there was still a lot of work to be done. In the first game we didn’t have much of a story and it wasn’t so hard to complete all of the levels. The second game set the series back on track though and came with improved graphics, more gameplay features and better gameplay.

But the major changes can be seen in the Fancy Pants 3 game which got fans across the world drooling over the great, smooth graphics and visual effects as well as the amazing soundtracks that really make the game more lively and entertaining. They also have the power to send the player into a very calm and relaxed state of mind and this is something that is certainly worth mentioning and applauding. The music composer has received the highest marks and the third game features the best audio by far! But the soundtracks aren’t the only thing that is impressive when talking about the audio. The character voices and audio effects are greatly in sync with the animations and really provide a nice experience for the player.

The Gameplay

If you have forgotten how the gameplay in Fancy Pants Adventure works, the third game has a nice tutorial at the start to remind you of the controls and the moves that you can pull off. As soon as the mayor wakes you up, just exit your room to enter the training area with the general. He will teach you about the controls and different types of moves and jumps that you can perform. It is nice that the developer has also decided to remind you of the slide move and the different wall jumps that you can perform. The tutorial is great for players who have played the previous game to refresh their skills, and is a brilliant playground and testing field for new players so don’t be afraid to take a bit longer while in this area to practice your skills a bit!

Once you are out of the training room, the mayor will walk you through you mission and send you to find the king and help him defeat the pirates. There are a lot of hidden areas on your way there so make sure you keep an eye open at all times and check every platform, roof and tunnel out before proceeding to the next level. You can of course come back to each level later, but for the sake of simplicity it is better to give it your best than it is to replay each level several times. Not that there is anything wrong with the idea of playing the Fancy Pants 3 game several times in a row of course. Another tip for you would be to watch out for enemies such as spiders or other mobs and eliminate them as fast as possible. They will display a health bar now so make sure that you make the best out of it.