Fancy Pants 2

The gameplay is quite similar to what we had a chance to see in the first part of the series, but has drastically improved on many of the features. The visual effects and quality of the environment have been improved dramatically and the characters move much more smoothly now. You can also watch the levels of this game on Minecraft here.

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Fancy Pants Adventure

The introduction of ladders, wines and more platforms and elevators makes the game much more complex and increases the sheer amount of levels that you have to complete in order to get to the final level. Oh, but what exactly is the goal of the game?

Well, as silly as it might sound, your mission is to locate the angry bunny that stole your ice cream and bring it back! Alright, so the game could have used a much better plot but it isn’t really much of a thing to be worried about and a lot of people will prefer it this way since it is rather funny.

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