The third game in the Fancy Pants Adventure series is probably the best one yet and it brings in some of the most challenging, yet entertaining levels. It was a real pleasure to play this platformer flash game and enjoy the growing influence of puzzle games on it since some tasks will now require a bit more thinking than before. But let me now spoil the whole thing for you, and instead you should discover Fancy Pants Adventure 3 on your own !

Gameplay Mechanics

If you have played any of the previous games then you probably know a bit about how the game mechanics work. The controls are rather simple and haven’t changed from the previous games which will make it easy to start playing the game right from the start. Fancy Pants Adventure 3 features a tutorial at the start as well which is a great new addition. Apart from the fact that the tutorial is quite funny and very informative, it will also provide you with a list of all the possible moves that you can perform in case you had forgotten how to slide, speed roll or climb walls. If you played one of the Fancy Pants games before (for example - Fancy Pants Adventure 2) then you probably won't have any problem since the controls are the same.

As for the controls you will be using your arrow keys for moving and rolling, while the S key stays reserved for jumps and stomps. You will face enemies on your path the same way you have in the previous games although most will be much easier to defeat now. Enemies will also display a health bar above their heads now in order to give you an idea of just how much effort will be needed in order to beat them. You will find it that some opponents such as spiders are now much easier to beat.

Plotline and the Environment

The pirates have commandeered the royal bathtub and the king is in dire need of your help! So, that means that we once again have another silly story behind all of the jumping and sliding and once again the dialogues will be very funny! Aside from all the levels that are directly related to the main quest there are a lot of other side rooms that contain a lot of other mini challenges and hide special trophies that are waiting for you to find them!

Fancy Pants Adventure 3 features an amazing new world that is actually quite complex and very large. You can waste hours exploring it and searching for hidden tunnels and hard-to-reach platforms that hide special golden stars or an entrance into another mini level. I think that fancy pants man is such a cool character ! All of his games are super fun and I like them so much !

And what can be said about the visual and audio effects? Well, the graphics are quite impressive in this game and they have really outdone the previous two games by a lot! The soundtracks are even better as well since they change more rapidly and fit each scenario better than in the second world of the game. The artistic approach to everything is what makes Fancy Pants Adventure 3 more than just a simple flash game and hopefully the author will not abandon the project anytime soon. If you finished this game and wanna try something similar , we recommend Papa Louie , a great adventure game.